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Your brand is a story that no one else can tell.  It sets you apart from your competitors in look, voice and heart. And reminds your customers why they love you. At StrohCreative, we’ve built brands from the bottom up.  We’ve refreshed existing brands.  We’ve moved brands forward, into new categories.   Whatever the point of entry, we can jump in:


  • Analyzing brand positioning and industry trends
  • Determining unique brand attributes
  • Establishing a visual identity, including colors, font and photography treatments
  • Refreshing or creating new logos & taglines
  • Defining a brand voice


The biggest brand challenge companies often face isn’t just establishing an identity, but staying true to it and executing it across a system.  We provide a full range of services and support materials to ensure that the best branding works best for you:


  • Brand Style Guides
  • Brand décor updates
  • Brand messaging in restaurants
  • Local store marketing
  • Website and phone app design





Advertising tells your unique story in the best, most relevant way to your audience.  We work closely with clients on advertising strategies that build brand awareness, expand customer bases and sell.  We use an integrated approach to be sure that all advertising media -- broadcast, local store marketing, digital, social and print – work together to get results.





A good customer experience isn’t always good enough for many businesses.  Customers need a reason to return again and again.  That’s where promotions come in. We create promotional materials that stand out and entice with mouthwatering food photography.  From market testing to national rollouts, our experienced teams can respond quickly to client needs and changes, with a range of creative ideas which can be executed to your approval. Take a look at our work to get the full range of the successful, beautifully executed tests and national promotions we’ve created for our restaurant clients.



Menu Design


Never underestimate the power of a great menu. Not only does it clearly display your offerings for easy reading and comprehension, it is the main showcase for your brand. It makes your food look exciting and fresh.  Menu design needs to be developed directly from your brand identity, while promoting on-trend offerings with the greatest appetite appeal.





Digital media has become an important brand and promotional vehicle for restaurants. Your mobile app or website is the first place people go for information about your menu, hours & directions and ordering. Digital banners on the internet get your message and offers out there in the fastest, most cost-efficient way.  The advertising and promotional creative we develop can quickly be adapted for these purposes.





Up to the minute offerings and news.  Brand reinforcement.  Appetizing visuals.  Optimum functionality.  These are just some of the reasons why clients turn to us for web hosting.  Contact us for more information on this service.




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